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Bolzano is the gateway to the Dolomites, and the Salewa Cube is a bridge between the city and the mountains. A meeting place for the climbing community.

The Salewa Cube is one of Italy's finest climbing halls, a fact of which we are of course very proud. It is vital for us is that every climber should find just the right routes to suit him or her, so we attach great importance to the design of our routes, which range from grade 3 to grade 8 and are regularly reviewed by professional routesetters.

The "climb indoors - feel outdoors" atmosphere is made possible by an 18 x 15-metre glass panel that allows the hall to be fully opened. As well as the view of our Salewa Bivac, you can enjoy a constant supply of fresh air and a dust-free experience. The Salewa Cube is the meeting place for numerous climbers, mountain guides, mountain rescuers and sports enthusiasts.



The Salewa Cube forms part of the Salewa headquarters in Bozen. The Salewa brand daily strives to develop technical solutions for progressive mountaineers. The Salewa Cube is our primary test centre and at the same time offers a place to relax with friends. The focus here is on climbing, so our routes are regularly revised, with different styles provided by different route setters. Community is just as important as climbing, however, which is why there is a large green space in front of the Cube and a bistro where you can unwind.

Our aim is to become a meeting place where climbing will continue to develop, where everyone feels part of the community and where the values of a simple life in the mountains hold sway.

Our Team
Climbing is our passion. Our team is there to make sure you enjoy your time with us.
Erich abram

Originally from Bozen, he was a pioneer of climbing as a sport. Our climbing hall is dedicated to him.

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