Dear Cube visitor,
here you will find a list of our tickets. You can of course also purchase them at the Cube reception, but if you would like to purchase one online, simply click on the 'Buy' button. You will be redirected to the CLIMBOFFICE 'Login' page, where you can log in with your user name and password. Only registered visitors can purchase tickets online; if you are not yet registered, you can do it go to here.
Once you are logged in, you will find the different tickets that you can purchase in the shop portal. Please note, that only if you are registered as a member of an Alpine club can you purchase these discounted tickets.

Payment not available at the moment
*€ 2,00 for additional half hour
Children up to 5 years: free entry
Purchased tickets are non-refundable
Daily ticketsPrice
Daily ticket adults15,00 €
Daily ticket adults member AVS/CAI/FASI12,00 €
Daily ticket U18/O65/students12,00 €
Daily ticket U18 member AVS/CAI/FASI11,00 €
Daily ticket U149,00 €
Daily ticket U14 member AVS/CAI/FASI8,00 €
1 Year ticketPrice
1 year ticket adults580,00 €
1 year ticket adults member AVS/CAI/FASI525,00 €
1 year ticket U18/O65/students432,00 €
1 year ticket U18 member AVS/CAI/FASI390,00 €
9 Months ticketPrice
9 months ticket adults475,00 €
9 months ticket adults member AVS/CAI/FASI425,00 €
9 months ticket U18/O65/students348,00 €
9 months ticket U18 & O65 member AVS/CAI/FASI314,00 €
6 Months ticketPrice
6 month ticket adults350,00 €
6 month ticket adults member AVS/CAI/FASI315,00 €
6 months ticket U18/O65/students260,00 €
6 month ticket U18 member AVS/CAI/FASI235,00 €
3 Months ticketPrice
3 months ticket adults190,00 €
3 month ticket adults member AVS/CAI/FASI168,00 €
3 months ticket U18/O65/students137,00 €
3 months ticket U18 member AVS/CAI/FASI122,00 €
Multiple entry ticketsPrice
11 entry tickets adults150,00 €
11 entry ticket adults member AVS/CAI/FASI120,00 €
11 entry ticket U18/O65/students120,00 €
11 entry ticket U18 member AVS/CAI/FASI110,00 €
Family ticketPrice
Family Ticket38,00 €
Family ticket member AVS/CAI/FASI32,00 €
Group ticketPrice
Group ticket adults12,00 €
Group ticket adults member AVS/CAI/FASI11,00 €
Group ticket U18/O65/students11,00 €
Group ticket U18 & O65 soci AVS/CAI/FASI10,00 €
2 hours ticket 9am to 4pm*9,00 €
20 hours ticket90,00 €