Erich Abram
One of the strongest alpinists of the 1950s.

Erich Abram has experienced a typical South Tyrolean youth of the 1930s and 1940s: South Tyrolean Option Agreement, World War II, Russian imprisonment. However, his desire to go to the mountains prevailed above all. Thus he had already begun doing so at the age of 14.

Abram was the kind of mountaineer who achieved great alpine performances and hardly ever talked about or even published them.

Born in Sterzing in 1922, he soon moved to Bolzano with his family and climbed in the Dolomites. At the age of 16 he already completed the VI Alpine degree. After war and imprisonment he immediately started climbing again and repeated all the major routes in the Dolomites. Steger / Catinaccio Eastwall, Solleder, Comici, Tissi, Vinatzer, Micheluzzi, Torre Trieste, Torre Venezia etc. Besides, many first ascents followed in this period. The most striking example is the Abram edge at Piz Ciavazes.

Soon he became a member of the elite group of the Alpenverein Südtirol, the "High Tourist Group of the AVS".

In 1954, he was recruited to the Italian K2 expedition, which aimed for the first ascent of this Himalayan peak. Erich Abram was not foreseen for the summit team, but together with Walter Bonatti he significantly contributed to its success.

In 1974 Abram established Europes first climbing hall in Bolzano. Indeed, he knew that a climber could only maintain and develop his skills through continuous training even during the winter months.

This is what renders him a pioneer and that is also why we have dedicated our climbing hall to him.

Erich Abvram died in 2017 in Bolzano.

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