The Salewa Cube combines the best of two worlds.

Climbers like to be active all year round, whether in the sheltered climbing hall during the cold months of the year, or preferably outside when it's warmer. When the sun is shining we open up a whole wall of the climbing hall and you can climb indoors and outdoors. And, when it's cold, the Cube makes a perfect training location with views of the outside.

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The climbing hall
that combines indoors and outdoors
Climbing, bouldering, setting new goals, meeting friends.

Professional route setters ensure that you can regularly try out new routes, from grade 3 to grade 8, in four different areas. Our climbing walls all feature high-quality grips that are regularly serviced.

Seconding, leading and safety techniques. Climbing has to be learned. Choose your course from our offer.

Originally from Bozen, he was a pioneer of climbing as a sport. Our climbing hall is dedicated to him.

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