Strenght, technique & mobility
Climbing in its original form.

To warm up, to learn new movements or just to watch others climb. At some point every climber joins us in our bouldering area. Here you will surely find your personal riddle that can be solved with the support of the community. Bouldering is also a perfect introduction to the climbing sport, because it doesn't require any belaying technique.

Boulder problems
climbing surface
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Four areas with space for up to 180 climbers.

Set new goals and reach them step by step. The Challenge Area is the right place for it.

In this area you can choose between more than 80 climbing routes from the 3rd to the 7th degree of difficulty. Regularly new routes from different route setters provide variety and constantly new challenges. This is the best place to prepare yourself for the alpine walls in the Dolomites.

As soon as the weather allows, we open our outdoor area. Here you can choose among up to 20 routes ranging from the 4th to the 7th degree of difficulty. The stairs in front of the climbing wall are a popular meeting point to rest, watch and chat.