Strength, technique and mobility
Climbing in its original form.

For warming up, learning new movement sequences or simply watching: at some point every climber visits our bouldering area. Here you will definitely find a personal tough nut to crack, which you can solve with the support of the community. Bouldering is also a perfect introduction to climbing as it does not require any safety techniques.

Boulder problems
climbing surface
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Free space
Four areas with space for up to 180 climbers.

Set yourself new goals and achieve them step by step: the Challenge Area is the ideal place.

This area contains over 80 climbing routes ranging from grade 3 to grade 7 in difficulty. New routes are regularly created by different route setters to ensure constant variety and new challenges. This is the best place to prepare for the Alpine walls of the Dolomites.

As soon as the weather permits, we open our outdoor area. There are up to 20 routes ranging from grade 4 to grade 7 in difficulty. The stairway in front of the climbing wall is a popular meeting place for resting, watching and talking about technical matters.