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I hereby confirm my consent that my minor child uses the climbing hall Salewa-Cube. I am aware that climbing is a risky sport. The safety depends largely on the mastery of the necessary safety and climbing techniques employed. I hereby certify that my child/my minor child knows the safety and climbing techniques necessary for the use of the climbing gym or is participating in a climbing course in which she/he is learning the aforementioned techniques under the guidance of an instructor. I therefore release the operator from any liability for any accident or injury that my daughter/son may suffer, unless solely attributable to willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the operator. I acknowledge that the admission fee corresponds only to the use of the climbing gym and that there is no supervisory staff in the climbing gym. I therefore declare that I release the manager from any liability in this regard.

I hereby acknowledge that climbing and bouldering is at my own risk and that neither the owner nor the supervisory staff can be held liable for any accidents.
, 08.12.2023
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