Hall regulation Salewa-Cube

Climbing hall regulations

Regulations Salewa-Cube

  • The access to the climbing hall is allowed only for the persons with a daily or seasonal ticket.  Customers have to fulfill the admission form before entering the climbing hall. Minors of 14 years can access the gym only accompanied by an adult and after having fulfilled the minors’ authorization form.
  • The access for the minors is allowed only after the parents fulfilled the minors’ authorization form.
  • For the participants of courses the responsibility is assumed by the instructor.
  • All tickets, independently daily or seasonal, are personal and not transferable. As penalty there will be their revocation.
  • In order to get the right of a discount as a member of AVS/CAI, it is necessary to present the member card of the ongoing year.
  • In case of injuries that prevent from climbing, there will be the extension of the seasonal card upon presentation of the medical certificate. No extension will be applied for professional or holiday reasons.
  • For the equipment rental the customer has to present a personal document and to pay a rental fee.
  • Cases of theft will be reported immediately to the right authorities.
  • Rental shoes are disinfected after each use. Despite that, we suggest the customers to wear socks because of hygienic reasons.
  • Holds, bolts, quick draws, karabiners and roots cannot be modified, removed or replaced.
  • Any problems with the walls, equipment or other climbers’ behavior has to be reported to a member of the staff immediately.
  • The climbing hall can be partially or completely closed for several reasons (maintenance works, competitions, courses, etc.)
  • No refund is possible. The partially or completely closure of the climbing hall will be announced in time on the website and on the noticeboard.
  • Each customer has to behave properly in order to avoid dangerous situations for him and the others.
  • We do not assume any responsibility for loss or theft of equipment, clothes or other personal belongings. This counts for the external and internal areas of the climbing hall and for the locker rooms.
  • Animals are not allowed in the climbing hall.
  • The staff is authorized to dismiss everyone who does not follow the regulations. If necessary, customers will be banned from the hall.
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