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Safety rules

Entering the climbing hall you have to respect the rules as follows:
- you have to measure and confirm your body temperature;
- there is no duty to wear the mask, neither for belayer nor for climber;
- there is duty to maintain the distance of one meter between two persons;
- you have to sanitize your hands when entering the climbing hall;
- lockerroom and shower are not available;
- you can rent climbing shoes;
- you can not rent ropes and harnesses;
- it is allowed exclusively liquid magnesia;
- max. 110 persons are contemporary allowed to enter the climbing hall (control the counter on our homepage);
This rules are for everybodys safety and everyone has to act responsibly observing the rules. Thank you!

Reopening climbing hall

We comunicate with great pleasure the reopening of the climbing hall on saturday May 30 at 9am. Opening time remains the same from 9am to 11pm, 7days a week.

NEW: Public bus line no. 18 to Salewa Cube

NEW: Public bus line no. 18 to Salewa Cube
From now on we are reachable also by public transport! The new SASA bus line no. 18 brings you from Bolzano Central Railway Station to the Salewa Cube. To see the timetable, please click here.
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