We present
Routsetter Michele Caminati

Michele Caminati was born in Emilia-Romagna in 1985: sport climbing has always been a passion of his. He is one of Italy's best boulderers and has opened up numerous areas for bouldering, including Ceriola, Lagoni, Pietra del Toro and Monte Amiata. He has managed to repeat some of the toughest boulders at home and abroad, such as the "Never Ending Story 8b+" in Magic Wood or the "Gecko Assis 8b+" in Fountainbleau.

Highlights of his competitive career were his victories in the Italian Bouldering Championship and the Italian Bouldering Cup.
Since Michele ended his active career as a sport climber he has worked as a route setter in various climbing halls in Italy. Visitors to the Salewa Cube can also try out Michele's highly varied routes.

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