Covid-19 safety measures
Because safety and mutual respect count.

In order to avoid infection with Covid-19 during climbing in the Salewa Cube, we have introduced the following safety rules based on the enactment of the South Tyreolean Provincial Government N° 456 of 23/06/2020:

  • One person is allowed to be present for every five square meters of space, (rule 1/5). Accordingly, a maximum of 110 people can be contemporarily present at the Cube.
  • The minimum distance of one meter between two persons must be maintained, otherwise it is compulsory to wear a mask that covers mouth and nose.
  • Before entering the hall, the body temperature must be measured. The temperature must not exceed 37.5°C.
  • After the entry and during climbing, hands must regularly disinfected. For this purpose, we are happy to provide disinfectant dispensers.
  • The dressing rooms and showers are currently closed.
  • Only antibacterial soaps are used in the bathrooms.
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