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Lead area

Do you want to learn to climb?

The new climbing hall in Bolzano, South Tyrol, is also ideal for beginners and for children.
While climbing in the Salewa Cube you can learn about climbing knots, about correctly belaying during climbing, and about climbing according to a defined training plan. So you can quickly increase your level of difficulty in climbing in the lead area.

Climbing equipment can be hired at an affordable price, in case you don’t have everything yourself.

Salewa-Cube Lead area

The Lead Area is the meeting point for all climbers from beginners to competition climbers.
  • West Wall
    Height 14 m, light overhang. Ten spit lines with 18 routes (the number of routes will be increased to a maximum of 25).
  • South Wall
    Height 14 m, overhang up to 2.5 m. 21 spit lines with 41 routes.
    The highlight is the auto-belay (self-belay): You can climb alone (on 4-5 routes) and are automatically top-rope secured.
  • Rocktopia Wall
    The Rocktopia Wall is made of artificial resin reinforced with glass fibre and has been built exactly like an actual rock face. Climbing here is like being on the rock face (if you only count climbing on the structure). Height 14 m with a 2-metre-long overhang. There are six spit lines with 10 routes. The effective number of routes is much higher as you can only climb on the structure, as mentioned above, and therefore have an almost unlimited number of possibilities. The Rocktopia also has an auto-belay.
  • North tower
    Height 14 m, no overhang. The North Tower is THE practice wall for all climbers, especially for beginners, and has seven spit lines with 11 routes.
    Part of this wall is reserved for therapy climbing and is of particular interest to physiotherapists and occupational therapists (the therapy section is partially under construction).

Ermanno Filippi (CAI Bozen)

Compliments from my side! The climbing hall is really great. Me and my climbing group are absolutely thrilled with it. The large opening is wonderful – and it is a very special feature. The overhanging structure with the long routes are also great. At first I was afraid that only the toughest routes would be installed on the overhangs but there I also found various routes graded at 6a/7a and even easier ones.

Ermanno Filippi, Alpinism Instructor CAI Bolzano
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