SALEWA CUBE – dedicated to Erich Abram

Erich Abram

Erich Abram was one of the greatest alpinists of the last century

Erich Abram started climbing at 14 and his childhood and teenage years were typical of South Tyrol at that time: Option Agreement, war and a Russian prisoner-of-war camp. However, he returned home with a strong will to go back to the mountains.

Great alpinists can be divided into two categories – those who achieve great things and tell everyone about them and those who achieve great things and keep it to themselves. Erich Abram belonged to the second category.
Born in 1922 in Sterzing, Abram moved to Bolzano with his family soon afterward and began climbing in the Dolomites. At 16 he had already reached the alpine grade VI. After the war and captivity, he immediately began climbing again and repeated all the great routes in the Dolomites, such as the Steger/Rosengarten East Face, Solleder, Comici, Tissi, Vinatzer, Micheluzzi, Torre Trieste, Torre Venezia etc. Many first ascents also followed during this time. The most significant example is the Abram ledge on Piz Ciavazes.

Soon he was part of the “AVS high altitude tourist group”, the Alpine Club’s elite group of climbers.

In 1954 Abram was invited to join the Italian K2 expedition with the goal of achieving a first ascent of this Himalayan peak. Abram was not supposed to be part of the summit group but, along with Walter Bonatti, he significantly contributed to the success of the expedition.

Erich Abram was and is a visionary. In 1974 he built Europe’s first climbing hall in Bolzano. The reason he did this was because climbers need to train throughout the winter in order to maintain and improve their skills.

So it is only fair and just that we commemorate the new climbing hall to this great alpinist and climbing pioneer: The SALEWA CUBE – dedicated to Erich Abram.
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