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Challenge area

Do you want to climb more difficult routes?

Come to us for sports climbing! If you want to be able to climb around Lake Garda or in the Dolomites,  training in the climbing hall is the best way to prepare. In the Salewa Cube, that means XXL climbing with a wall height of up to 18.5 metres and overhangs of up to 9.5 metres in the Challenge Area.

Salewa-Cube Challenge area

The Challenge Area is specially designed for very good climbers and climbing professionals.
  • North Face
    With a height of 18.7 m  and an overhang of 9.5 m the North Face is the “wildest” part of the  Salewa Cube.  There you will find 15 spit lines with a total of 37 climbing routes.
    The routes are graded from 5b to 8b.
  • South Tower
    The South Tower is also 18.7 m high and has a 7 m overhang. You can climb a total of 8 spit lines and 22 routes from 6a+ to 8a.
    The South Tower also has the “Speed-Route” that was created in accordance with International Federation of Sports Climbing norms. The incline of the wall is exactly 5 percent and the climbing grips are normed and mounted in line with IFSC rules (number of grips, gaps between, etc.) In summer/autumn 2011, a timing mechanism will be installed.

Michi Andres (mountain guide)

Dear Salewa-Cube Team,

Despite the massive heat wave in South Tyrol I think your climbing hall is really COOL. I managed to get there twice on the first four opening days and my young son was there three times.
When you consider that I NEVER go to climbing halls and ALWAYS prefer real rock, that’s saying a lot about the SALEWA Cube.
I really like the fact that the grips are very rough and that the routes are very varied. But the best part is that you don’t feel like you’re in a climbing hall due to the large opening into the open air.

I wish you continued success in the future,

Michi Andres  
GLOBO ALPIN mountain guide
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