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Climbing Hall

SALEWA CUBE: climb indoor - feel outdoor

SALEWA CUBE – Italy’s largest climbing hall. This is Salewa’s way of giving something back: The climbing hall will be a place for the climbing community where all mountain sports enthusiasts from South Tyrol, the neighbouring regions, and the international scene can feel at home.

The absolute highlight of the Salewa Cube is the enormous entrance to the climbing hall that remains open when the weather is good and makes the climbers feel they are climbing in natural surroundings. Given that Bolzano/South Tyrol has more than 300 days of sunshine per year and a mild Mediterranean climate, we can assume that for most of the time climbing will take place with the door open. This has the advantage, of course, that you can climb in natural light and in addition the level of dust from chalk will remain very low as it will blow away. All this is achieved with very little technology and a low environmental impact.

Salewa-Cube: facts and figures

  • Max. 200 climbers can use the hall at the same time
  • Over 2000 square metres of climbing surface
  • 180 different climbing routes
  • Difficult level from 3 to 8c
  • Climbing walls of 18.5 and 14 meters high
  • 9.5-m overhang
  • IFSC speed climbing route of 15 metres high in the indoor area
  • 420 square metres of bouldering surface (200 indoor, 220 outdoor)
  • Blocks for bouldering with difficulty levels ranging from A to E
  • Outdoor via ferrata (height 14 m, length 25 m)
  • Green area
  • 13.000 holds

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