From toproping to leading
Courses for more advanced learners of all ages.

For climbers who have already done a basic course and would like to lead independently. The content focuses on improving rope and safety techniques as well as on technical training.

Services: Admission to the Cube, climbing instructor

Our courses
10-12 years

The Basic Course 2 for children expands their previous knowledge of seconding and belaying. The children also use age-appropriate exercises to practise leading and learn to overcome their fear of falling

Participants: min. 4 - max. 6

13-16 years

The Basic Course 2 is aimed at youngsters who have already mastered seconding and belaying, expanding their knowledge of belaying techniques and teaching them how to lead, letting participants climb to the point where they might fall, thus overcoming their fear of falling. This course also focuses on climbing techniques, with each participant receiving individual instruction on improving their performance.

Adults 17+ years

This course is aimed at adults who have already mastered seconding and belaying. Belaying techniques are enhanced and lead climbing techniques are taught. Participants will also practise how to reach the point where they might fall and to overcome their fear. The instructor simultaneously pays special attention to improving individual climbing techniques so as to permit participants to improve their performance.

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